Yarn Stash

One of our first donations…

Donated yarn to be used.

If you have yarn to donate – whether it be small part balls, or larger quantities, we can find a use for it…

We have a number of “Charity Yarn Stash” co-ordinators dotted around the regions, who will happily receive your yarn donation. If you don’t see anybody in your region, and you’d like to help out, please contact us (admin@craftyvolunteers.org.nz) – we are always getting donations offered from all corners of the country.

And if you would like to help use up donated yarn by producing something for charity, please contact one of our lovely “Charity Yarn Stash” co-ordinators listed below to make a time to meet and collect some yarn.


Murray’s Bay, Auckland – Carolyn Russell – ph 021-1040095 or email carolyn.russellnzl@gmail.com

Pukekohe, Auckland – Margaret Carter  – ph 027-2606509 or email kiwimc7@gmail.com

Glenfield, North Shore – Lorinda Earl – ph 027-4845778 or email theearls8991@outlook.com


Ohauiti, Tauranga – Lisa Stirling – ph 021-951909 or email lisa.stirling1970@gmail.com


Whau Valley – Lynne Mason – ph 021-0646379 or email masonlynne57@gmail.com


Gulf Harbour – Josephine Burns – ph 021-0712695 or email aj.burns@slingshot.co.nz


Hamilton East – Justine Kaye – ph 027-6329638 or email justykaye@hotmail.com


Marewa, Napier – Polly Fairbrother –  ph 027-3350963 or email relaxology@live.com


College Estate, Wanganui –  Julie Stokes – ph 022-1066388 or email julzstokes@xtra.co.nz

Kapiti Coast

Paraparaumu – Vivienne Ranson – ph 027-4743369 or email viv_ran@xtra.co.nz

Greater Wellington

Brooklyn – Caroline Vincent – ph 021-1804428 or email rockstar_mouse@hotmail.com

Johnsonville – Denise Gravit – ph 027-4783030 or email dgravit@xtra.co.nz

Lower Hutt – Rachel Silby – ph 021-2668893 / Rosie Silby – ph 021-08180770 or email rosie.silby@gmail.com

Seatoun – Ana Frka – ph 021-955331 or email seatounvillagehall@gmail.com

Tawa – Helen Pine – ph 027-4412556 or email hjpine@xtra.co.nz

Titahi Bay – Niccola Holmes – ph 027-5420302 or email niccola@orcon.net.nz

Upper Hutt – Vicky Aldridge – ph 021-472193 or email vicky.z@xtra.co.nz


Nelson – Claudia Kern – ph 021-0302253 or email claudiakernnz@yahoo.co.nz


Springlands – Jolene Lund – ph 028-4103173 or email jklund@hotmail.com


Leeston – Victoria King – ph 027-477787 or email jandvking@outlook.co.nz

New Brighton, Christchurch – Lynette Hill – ph 027-4682154 or email thehillfamily@xtra.co.nz

West Christchurch – Christina Marshall – ph 022-6737174 or email marshallcg91@gmail.com

Burnside – Barbara Aitken – ph 021-1901661 or email barbara@kiwifamilytrust.org