Crafty get together – last Friday

On Friday, we had the first ever Crafty Volunteers get together, here in Wellington. We didn't know how many people would show up, or quite how the evening was going to play out, so we just went with the flow. It was supposed to be a “bring your crafting” night, but turned out to be … Continue reading Crafty get together – last Friday

Starting local, thinking global

I'm pretty excited that Crafty Volunteers went live on Facebook on Monday. Already I've had loads of my friends share and promote the page, and quite a number of new people have connected with not only the page, but with me directly, which has been fantastic. As I'm starting to talk to people about this … Continue reading Starting local, thinking global

Crafty Volunteers is born

"Individuals helping their community one stitch at a time" While I've continued knit knockers, some of the other wonderful ladies that knit with me have started sewing items for the Cancer Society because they asked if our little group could help with a supply shortage. At the same time, I've been connecting with new people (primarily … Continue reading Crafty Volunteers is born

It’s about supply and demand

Over the last couple of months I've been calling in to the Cancer Society here in Wellington to deliver knockers, and have had a few conversations with Tracey and Janet who coordinate the many volunteers. It's been interesting hearing about the people who volunteer - that visit people in hospital; drive people to and from … Continue reading It’s about supply and demand

How I started knitting knockers…

One of my long time friends, Diane, is a quilter, and together with a group of likeminded ladies, she makes and donates quilts to the Neo-natal unit at Wellington hospital. I have always admired her for this, and have often wondered what I could do to make a difference in strangers lives, like she and … Continue reading How I started knitting knockers…