Singlets and Slippers


Each year Crafty Volunteers runs a national promotion from July to October to help boost stocks of items that our charity partners need. We typically run an email campaign during that time and finish off with numerous events around the country on the same day.

This year our chosen theme is “Slippers and Singlets”, and realistically we are meaning anything that keeps our babies and toddlers bodies warm, and also keeps babies, children and adults feet warm.



There is a never-ending need for baby clothes, and warm cardigans and jumpers for our toddlers and young children. With so many amazing charities all around New Zealand providing much needed items to the end recipient, it’s hard to keep their stocks full, so we encourage crafters to make whatever you can to keep their supply up.

If you’re in need of wool/yarn to make items, please check in with your local Charity Yarn Stash Coordinator to see what’s available in your area. And if you’ve got some wool/yarn at your place that you’re not going to find time to use, maybe you could consider donating it to allow someone else to make some items for charity.

Some of the charities that we work closely with are: Foster Hope, Little Sprouts, Plunket, the Neo Natal and Special Care Baby Units, and Pregnancy Help. These organisations take baby clothes sizes from the premmie size right through to toddler ages.

Wool vs Acrylic:

Please remember that if you are making singlets (or cardigans/jumpers) for our littlest ones – most of these organisations ask for items to be made of pure wool or other natural fibres for up to 3 months old. This is because little ones need pure wool to help with temperature regulation, and if they are in hospital and attached to any machines, I’m told that acrylic may cause static and potentially irritate or burn the baby’s delicate skin. For sizes 3 months and above, it’s generally okay to use acrylic or blended yarns.

There are regular debates about the above advice, and some charities will say that acrylic is okay for newborns, however this is because the charities have very short supply and they understand that a lot of charity crafters will often produce items in acrylic because of the financial cost of pure wool. With the demand for items that charities have, they will take what they get given, even if it’s not quite the best option. Please do check in with your local Charity Yarn Stash Coordinator to see if they have any pure wool available.


I know that a lot of crafters ask for patterns, so here are some of our favourites:

Anne B’s in the round tube singlet pattern (one of my personal favourites) – HERE

Rural Womens 3x singlet patterns (the cross over one is my other favourite) – HERE

NZ Multiple Birth Assn/Knit World pattern – HERE

Plunket/Knit World pattern – HERE



So many of our young children don’t have anything warm to wear on their feet in the winter, which is what prompted the creation of the Wrap Up Our Schools Facebook page. WUOS works closely with low decile schools and crafters from all around the country to make slippers (and hats, scarves and gloves) for schools to issue to kids in the classes.

Many teenagers and adults are in need of warmth for their feet too – like the older children that get removed from their homes in the middle of the night and taken to foster care; the women who find themselves at places like Womens Refuge; people sleeping rough or who manage to make it to a night shelter; cancer or dialysis patients who spend time sitting attached to tubes to receive treatment; patients who for a variety of reasons have very swollen feet and are unable to wear shoes or socks.

Slippers are a great way to use up scraps of yarn, and there is no restriction on the ply of the yarn – once you use a basic pattern a few times, you can make smaller or larger sizes with ease, simply by changing your needle and yarn size.



Kids Can / Knit World slippers and scarf – HERE

WUOS – Basic Slipper pattern – HERE

WUOS – Easy Peasy Slipper pattern – HERE

WUOS – Crochet Slipper pattern – HERE


Singlets and Slippers events – Saturday 12 October 2019:

We are holding several events around the country to bring crafters together and to showcase some of the great work that our charity partners do. Huge thanks to the Charity Yarn Stash Coordinators in the regions for running these events.

Even though we have a theme for the session, all crafters are welcome to attend for part or all of the crafting session, regardless of whether you make these particular items or not.

Please do let family and friends know about these events, we would love to have lots of people attend.


contact Lisa on 021-951909 for more info.


contact Maggie on 021-511004 for more info.


contact Barbara on 021-1901661 for more info.


Many thanks to all of the wonderful crafters who support the great work of all of the amazing charities around the country.

Keep up your fabulous work!