Crafting workroom

Our venue is now closed – however please check back, as we are on the hunt for a new location.

Diverting waste textile from landfill; giving crafters a sense of purpose; and supplying charities with products required by their clients.

Crafty Volunteers Wellington was gifted the use of a venue in the city centre (outside of business hours), where we  established a Crafters Workroom that was open most Sunday’s. Crafters were invited to bring their knitting or crochet, or to sew peggy squares into blankets, or help with whatever project that was going on that week. This provided crafters with a sense of community and a sense of purpose.

At this venue, we ran a textile repurposing programme, where we converted donations of commercial textile that would have otherwise gone to landfill, in to items that our charity partners provide to their vulnerable clients. We cut textile and created sewing project bags that were distributed to at-home sewers for sewing up. We were unable to have sewing machines on site so it was purely a place to cut textile and create sewing packs.

We processed a little over half a ton of textile, that had been donated from commercial sources. We relied on the expertise of volunteer sewers in the area to suggest what items could be made out of what materials. Our aim was (and still is) to repurpose as much of the donated textile as possible, with a goal of being very close to zero waste.

In the 9 months that we were out our first location, we provided over 3000 repurposed items to numerous charity partners throughout the Greater Wellington region.

Donate to help us help others

Over the last 6 years we have operated on a near cashless basis, by becoming adept at getting new or used items either for free or heavily discounted – but some things simply need to be bought new.

We created a Givealittle Page especially for this project, as we knew that we would have to buy some items, especially the ongoing consumables. Through numerous kind donations we were able to purchase many of the equipment items we needed, and some consumables used in repurposing items we gave away.

Crafter and community support is greatly appreciated and helps us continue to provide many thousands of items to our charity partners each year.

If anybody wishes to know more about this project please contact Maggie – or ph 021-511004.

Thanks so much for your support