Crafting workroom

Diverting waste textile from landfill; giving crafters a sense of purpose; and supplying charities with products required by their clients.

Crafty Volunteers Wellington have been gifted the use of a venue (outside of business hours), where we are establishing a crafting workroom that will be open every Sunday (and potentially one evening a week), for crafters to bring their knitting or crochet, or to sew peggy squares into blankets. This will provide crafters with a sense of community and a sense of purpose.

At this venue, we are launching our textile repurposing programme, where we will convert donations of commercial textile that would have otherwise gone to landfill, in to items that our charity partners provide to their vulnerable clients. We will cut textile and create sewing project bags that will be distributed to at-home sewers for sewing up. For a variety of reasons, we won’t be having sewing machines on site – it will purely be a place to cut textile and pre-pack sewing kits.

Currently we have an estimated ¾ of a ton of textile available, that has been donated from commercial sources. We will be relying on the expertise of volunteer sewers in the area to suggest what items can be made out of what materials. Our aim is to repurpose as much of the donated textile as possible, with a goal of being very close to zero waste.

Donate to help us help others

Over the last 5 years we have operated on a near cashless basis, by becoming adept at getting new or used items either for free or heavily discounted – but some things simply need to be bought new.

In order to finish setting up the workroom, we are still seeking donations of the following items –  fold up trestle type tables, fabric scissors, cutting boards and roller cutters, plastic storage bins, plus consumables like elastic and velcro – please email if you have any of these items available.

We have created a Givealittle Page especially for this project, as we know that we will have to buy some items, especially the ongoing consumables.

Your support is greatly appreciated and will help us continue to provide many thousands of items to our charity partners each year.

Location and getting there:

The venue is Room 11 (level 1) in the Trades Hall, 124 Vivian St, Central Wellington.

Because we have access to the venue during times that it is usually closed, we will post a note on the front and back door with a phone # to call or text to gain access. There is an elevator to get you up to level one, in addition to stairs.

Parking: There is loads of paid parking on Marion Street, plus a Wilsons parking area immediately behind the building (29 Marion St) and the Wilsons multi story parking building (26 Marion St). The weekend rate for Wilsons parking is $4 per hour, with maximum charge of $8 for up to 12 hours.

Public Transport: There is a bus stop outside Briscoes, and one across the road (depending on which way you are travelling – so any bus that travels up/down Taranaki St will get you to within a few hundred meters.

Dates/time we are open:

Until such time as we have our necessary equipment on hand, please bring dressmaking scissors, cutting boards and roller cutters with you, if you have them. No sewing machines are to come in to the building. For those who want to bring your knitting or crochet project, feel free – or you might like to bring a darning needle and help sew peggy squares together into blankets. Rest assured there will be plenty of things to keep you crafting.

Sunday 10 January 2021 – 10am til 4pm – hosted by Maggie

Sunday 17 January 2021 – looking for someone to host before we can confirm if we will be open

Future dates will be posted in due course.

If anybody wishes to know more about this project, or to gain access to the venue outside of our open hours, please contact Maggie – or ph 021-511004.

Thanks so much for your support