Justice Green Project

Where did it come from?

During the course of 2017, Crafty Volunteers was fortunate enough to have received a huge amount of “Justice Green” yarn from the Dept of Corrections. This beautiful wool was previously used for the Corrections Officers uniforms, and became obsolete when they changed their uniforms some years ago. Fortunately for us, the team at Rimutaka has kept the wool in storage, and when they heard about Crafty Volunteers, they made the very generous offer to us.

Because it came to us as a 1 ply yarn, we talked to the team at Wool Yarns in Lower Hutt, and they agreed not only to process it into a 4 ply for us, but they sponsored doing this too. Wow, what a hugely generous gift from both Corrections, and Wool Yarns! In total we have received 143 kgs of fabulously soft yarn that we are winding into smaller balls to make it easy to get distributed to crafters around the country.

I can tell you that 143kgs of yarn, only just fits into a Suzuki Swift – there was barely enough room for me to be able to change gear as I drove away from collecting it from Wool Yarns, just prior to Christmas 2017.

Most of the cones were wound off (in December 2017/January 2018) by a core group of Crafty Volunteers here in Wellington, and made into smaller cakes of yarn, so it’s easier to get it distributed around the country.


What can we do with it now?

Because of its colour, we have pondered over what the best used would be, and have come up with a few ideas –

  1. Jumpers and hoodies for ages 4 thru 16 (particularly boys) – to give to Foster Hope and low decile schools, and to Refugee services, as this is age group often miss out.
  2. Really stretchy rib slouch socks, or footless tube socks – these we will be given to District Health Nurses to give to patients who have very swollen feet and legs, and therefore unable to wear socks and slippers (the footless tube socks mean that the nurses can easily check circulation in the patients toes).
  3. Warm shawls and wraps – to be given to patients receiving chemo or dialysis treatments, as these folk can often get chilly while sitting, and can’t wear a sleeve as they have tubes and things attached to them.


Suggested Patterns

We always get asked “what would you like me to make?”, and our typical response is… “whatever you enjoy making, because we will find a home for whatever you produce”.

For this project, we do have some suggested patterns (below) – however, do feel free to use your own preferred patterns – get creative, add some colour and texture in to the green, and make the item really something special for the end recipient.


Stretchy footless tube socks

Tube socks – Pattern

Comfort socks – Pattern

Easy Peasy fingerless mitts – Pattern

Flax Light jumper  (sizes baby to adult) – Pattern

Timantti shawl – Pattern

Vincent jumper  – Pattern

Perkins jumper – Pattern

Vest is Best – Pattern

Jumper (sizes child to adult) – Pattern

Jumper (child to adult sizes) – Pattern


How to get involved

If you’re in a crafting group somewhere in New Zealand, please drop an email letting us know which group you’re representing, and a courier address, and we will send a few kg’s of yarn your way, and if you need assistance finding the appropriate charity in your area, please let us know and we’ll find a contact point for you.

The best email address to contact us is – admin@craftyvolunteers.org.nz .

Because of the logistics of getting this much yarn out to people, we would prefer it if a representative of a crafting group contacted us to send a larger amount, as sending small amount to loads of individuals all around the country is going to be way too difficult, costly and time consuming – I hope you understand.

With regards the cost of the couriers – please note, that pretty much all of the costs of running this charity come out of my pocket, therefore I would sincerely appreciate any donations from crafting groups to cover any courier costs – thanks so much (it’s on my plan for the year to apply for some funding to cover this sort of thing…).


Send in your pics

Before you deliver your items to charities in your area, we would love it if your would email us loads of photos of your people crafting with this yarn, and of the finished products, so we can share this with the social media world (please don’t send photos of people unless they have agreed to us posting them on Instagram and Facebook).

The best email address to contact us is – admin@craftyvolunteers.org.nz – we look forward to hearing from you.