Winter has arrived

Hi Crafters, Welcome to winter! It’s the best time for getting lots of crafting done. I personally love making big blankets at this time of year, cos it helps keep me warm at the same time.   Lockdown Charity Crafting promotion Many thanks to those of you who have been sending items to your local … Continue reading Winter has arrived

COVID-19 donation handling protocol

Hi Crafters,  I trust you are all keeping safe and well, and getting plenty of crafting done during the COVID-19 lockdown! As we transition down from alert level 4 to level 3, and as we start to move (safely) a little wider around our local regions, we wanted to share the Trustees advice around processing … Continue reading COVID-19 donation handling protocol

Build stocks for our charity partners – and win!

Hi crafters, I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well. Take care of yourselves We certainly are living in a very unusual time aren’t we. Who would have thought, when we rang in the new year/decade, that just 3 months later we would be “locked down” as a nation (along with most … Continue reading Build stocks for our charity partners – and win!

Daylight Saving has arrived

Good morning everyone,   With Daylight Saving starting this weekend, and the days getting warmer, I find that my choice of crafting starts to change. It’s always nice making a blanket in the winter as it keeps you warm while you’re making it, but as the temperatures rise I tend to make only smaller items … Continue reading Daylight Saving has arrived

“Singlets and Slippers” is coming…

Good morning, I hope you are all enjoying some nice Spring weather and are looking forward to Daylight Saving starting in a few weeks time. Over the winter months I tend to hunker down and stay indoors, and so when the days start getting longer and the temperatures start rising, I definitely feel my mood … Continue reading “Singlets and Slippers” is coming…