Crafty Volunteers of New Zealand Charitable Trust –

Individuals helping their community one stitch at a time.

Helen KellerThe purpose of this organisation is to connect the people who knit, crochet and sew for charity, to the charities that need products. It’s about balancing supply and demand. While some charities have enough items being produced, others aren’t able to do their good work because they don’t have the items to use or give away. Let’s encourage new people into this group, and help all of the charities that need our special kind of support.


Crafty Volunteers is a Registered Charitable Trust here in New Zealand (Reg # CC53094).

We are a 100% Volunteer Organisation, who’s Purpose is to be a communication conduit between Charities in need and the Volunteer Crafters who produce the amazing, and much needed products required by our recipient charities, for their end users.

We will happily receive all donations of yarns and fabrics, which is shared amongst our awesome crafters, especially those that are financially restricted but who still want to do their part for their community.

Our currency is yarn and fabric, however there are some things that we do need to pay for… if you’d like to contribute (maybe thru your salary – ask your pay clerk about charitable giving), we would be delighted to receive any and all donations. Please email us for our bank account details – admin@craftyvolunteers.org.nz .

We have very few rules – just that all products made stay in New Zealand; and that they are not sold for cash by us or the recipient charity, as we encourage our wonderful crafters do their amazing handiwork especially with the end user in mind.

We may occasionally run a promotion to produce items that can be sold as a fund raising exercise for Crafty Volunteers, so we can continue to fund things like courier costs, stationery and venue charges.


join email listWe would love to keep in contact with you via our Regional email lists – these are based on the regions covered by the  District Health Boards – as our recipient charities are mainly health (or poverty) based.

Please go HERE to join the list for your region.


product tag


If you have items to deliver to us – our Drop Off Points are shown HERE.

Remember to attach a Tag so the recipient knows how best to launder your item. Go HERE to download a sheet of Tags.

We are looking to secure Drop Off Points in other Regions – please contact us if you are able to help.