Daylight Saving has arrived

Good morning everyone,


With Daylight Saving starting this weekend, and the days getting warmer, I find that my choice of crafting starts to change. It’s always nice making a blanket in the winter as it keeps you warm while you’re making it, but as the temperatures rise I tend to make only smaller items like singlets. I guess I’m not the only one that does this.



Singlets and Slippers Promotion

As you’re aware, along with our fellow crafting promotion organisations, “Kiwi Family Trust” in Christchurch and “Wrap Up Our Schools” in Hamilton, we are currently running our national promotion to support charities with need for Singlets and Slippers.

Judging from some of the photos I’ve seen posted in the Charity Yarn Stash Facebook Group, there are loads of gorgeous donations being made and sent to Coordinators in the regions.

Even though our theme is “Singlets and Slippers”, we actively encourage crafters to make any and all items that help keep our babies and toddlers warm (including jumpers and cardigans), and anything that keeps the feet (and hands and head) warm. The many charity partners that we provide your crafted items to don’t seem to run out of recipients to give your beautiful items to. There is just so much need here in New Zealand.

Feel free to pop over to the Singlets and Slippers webpage to find out more about the promotion, including several patterns for both slippers and singlets, and who some of our recipient charities are.


Events – 12 October

We are holding several “Singlets and Slippers” events around the country to bring crafters together and to showcase some of the great work that our charity partners in their regions do. Even though we have a theme for the session, all crafters are welcome to attend part or all of the crafting session, regardless of whether you make these particular items or prefer to make other things.

Please do let family and friends around the country know about these events, we would love to welcome them along.



Contact Lisa on 021-951909 for more info.


Contact Maggie on 021-511004 for more info.


Contact Barbara on 021-1901661 for more info.

If you’re not in any of these regions, and would like to contribute, feel free to contact your closest Charity Yarn Stash Coordinator to arrange delivery/collection of your items, so they can add them to the supply going to their recipient charities.


Swing Tags reminder

To help with distributing your crafted items to the most appropriate charities, we encourage you to use these swing tags to attach to each item you’ve made. That way, the charities know what the item is made from, and the end recipient knows how to best care for the item.

If you’ve got a printer that can print on to (at least 120gsm) card, feel free to pop in to the “files” section of the Charity Yarn Stash Group on Facebook, or go to our Dropbox file to get the A4 document.

If you don’t have the ability to print, cut and hole punch them, we invite you to send a stamped, self addressed envelope to us, along with a note stating your phone number and email address (in case we need to contact you), and how many of these bundles of 20 tags you would like.

We would love it if you are able to pop a donation in the envelope too, to cover printing costs, and so we can supply these tags to our financially restricted crafters at no cost.

Please send your stamped, self addressed envelope to Crafty Volunteers, c/- Mt Vic Hub, 24e Elizabeth St, Mount Victoria, Wellington 6011.

Your local Charity Yarn Stash Coordinator will have access to a supply of them too.


Until next time…

I hope that you all manage to adjust your body clocks to Daylight Savings time nice and quickly.

Happy crafting everybody!


Yours – with love, compassion and hope