October has arrived!



Welcome to October and Daylight Saving time. Hopefully everyone managed to get to where they were meant to be on time yesterday.


Bears and Squares Promotion


Its wonderful to see people getting involved with this project – we are starting to see some gorgeous blankets, some cute toys and lots of squares coming through. It will be amazing to see the volumes that come through by the time we do our deliveries in mid November.


I’ll keep adding info to the promotion page on the website, as more details are made available – please check in here regularly.


AppolusaI was particularly thrilled to see a post from Natz (from Managtawhiri) in the Charity Yarn Stash Facebook Group over the weekend… who posted some pics of her first toy for the project. She stated that she was committing to make 100 toys for the promotion, and set a challenge to others to commit to making 10 each. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and inspiration Natz, I’m looking forward to seeing more pics of your lovely creations.


If any of you choose to take up Natz challenge, please email thru pics of your 10 toys, so we can include them in the up coming emails, and post them on our other social media pages.


Events – Saturday 3rd of November


I’m absolutely stoked to advise that Barbara from Kiwi Family Trust in Christchurch has taken the lead on an event down there. I’m told the other Charity Yarn Stash Coordinators are giving her loads of support with this event too. They are aiming to have a few guest speakers from some of our Charity Partners come along, so we’ll keep you informed as things get finalised.


Event Details:

Wellington – Newlands Community Centre, 9 Batchelor St, Newlands. From 10am til 6pm.

Christchurch – Kiwi Family Trust, 420 St Asaph St, Phillipstown. From 10am til 2pm.

Entry fee = gold coin donation, or a food item to share.


Sewing squares

We will be sewing or crocheting squares in to blankets, crocheting edges, and stuffing and sewing toys. Please bring your sewing needles, crochet hooks etc. This pic is from one of the very first square sewing days we had, it was so much fun!


If there are any new crafters that would like to learn to knit of crochet, there will be plenty of people there who would love to help you learn.


For those of you in Wellington and Christchurch (or for those of you with family and friends in Wgtn and Chch) – it would be fantastic if you could help spread the word for us. If you’re a Facebook person, pop on over to Wgtn Fb event and Chch Fb event, and share them with your friends. If you can print and find a place to display a poster for us (work, your local shop etc), that would be fantastic too – Wgtn Poster / Chch Poster. Thanks so much!


I’m hoping to confirm a couple more events in other locations in the next week or so, that I’ll be able to let you know about in the next email/blog. And if you are in a smaller region, and want to get a few crafty friends together at your home on the 3rd of Nov, please let me know. If you have privacy concerns, I can set an event where your address isn’t published, and the attendees contact you to find out the address – which will help you manage the number of people as well.

Many thanks to Anna P-O for assisting with the set up of a Give a Little page to help fund the venue costs for the Bears and Squares events. I’m thrilled to advise that one announcement in the Charity Yarn Stash facebook group and on the Crafty Volunteers facebook page, saw us receive funds from 8 very generous donors, that have covered the costs for the Wellington event, with a little bit to spare that will go towards other events (either in this promotion or for future promotions). Hugest of thanks to these donors – you were all very quick off the mark!


As always – if you’ve got completed items, please contact your local Charity Yarn Stash Coordinator to arrange delivery/collection. And remember to pop a swing tag on your completed items. This helps our Coordinators identify which charity would most benefit from your gift of love.


Requests for Help from our Charity Partners


We’ve got some knitting/crochet and sewing requests here in Wellington, and a blanket request in Christchurch at present, and I’m waiting to hear from some other charities in other regions. Please do check in on our Requests for Help page regularly, so we can keep you informed about what’s needed right now.


If you know of a charity with some need, please do pass our contact information on to them, and suggest that they contact us. Crafty Volunteers was established to help charities communicate their need, so that crafters can produce the items that are in most need at the time.


Until next time…


Thanks for all your great work, keep it up – I know that charities and the end recipients really appreciate it.


Yours – with love, compassion and hope,