What’s happening in March

Hi everyone,


Welcome to March… I can’t believe how fast this year is going!!


These first few months of 2018 have been especially busy for me – my full time job is always pretty busy; my husband (Jeff) and I have put most of our worldly possessions into storage and have shifted out of our apartment to stay with friends for a few weeks; I’ve been working on a new organisation that some of our Crafty Volunteers may like to be involved with, that will hopefully be launched before the end of the year; I’ve been making shawls for the Cancer Society and baby singlets for NICU; and I’ve been getting myself ready to head away for a cool little adventure to ride motorcycles around Vietnam and Thailand with Jeff and a friend for two months… and today is the day we leave – yippee!


The team will keep things going here – I’ve given my phone to Anna who will field any calls and texts; the first thing I’ll purchase when I get to Ho Chi Minh airport is a SIM card, so I can keep connected; and Anna and Anne will be helping to keep things up to date on line. Our regular Wellington events will keep happening (as will all the events that you are all involved with around the country), and our fabulous Yarn Stash coordinators up and down the country are doing an amazing job running the Charity Yarn Stash Facebook Group. Hugest of thanks to everyone for getting involved and helping out. Crafty Volunteers is a great little organisation, and together we are making a difference to numerous charities and loads of recipients in need of our special kind of love. I’m so proud of all the amazing work that each of you do.


Justice Green project 


We have managed to distribute somewhere around 100kgs of the 143kgs of Justice Green yarn already, and it’s gone to many locations around the country.


We are starting to get the word filtering back from some crafters that its twisting on the bias when being knitted up in stocking stitch. If you are striking the same problem, you might like to consider changing to a pattern that has some texture. Rib patterns seem to work ok, and we’ve had a few fisherman’s rib type jumpers come through that look great.


I’m writing this message on my iPad while waiting to head to the airport, so I’m not including photos in my email/blog this time, however do pop over and take a look at our Facebook or Instagram pics.


Woollen baby clothes project


Our wonderful friends at Kiwi Family Trust have teamed up with Knit World with a goal to make 8000 woollen baby items for charity by the 31st of May… I know that we can help them completely blitz this target and get loads and loads more than that.


Knit World have a couple of pattern suggestions on their Charity Knits page, and you’re welcome to use your favourite pattern.  Do remember to make your items in 100% wool, to give these wee babies the warmth they need for their start in life.


You can drop off your completed items to any Knit World branch in New Zealand, or to Crafty Volunteers c/- Nancys Stitch Studio, 261 Thorndon Quay, Wellington, or directly to our fabulous friend Barbara at Kiwi Family Trust in Christchurch.


Twiddle stuff project – coming in a few months


Barbara from Kiwi Family Trust is teaming up with us for a winter project that we will launch together in May, to make “twiddle items” for dementia patients and people with autism. We will be putting numerous patterns up on the website as well as collating a list of the places around the country that you will be able to deliver them to (we are in contact with numerous organisations at present to provide this list).


Twiddle stuff includes muffs, hand warmers, cushions, lap blankets and quilts, builders or barbecue style aprons – that all have texture and interesting bits and bobs (firmly) attached to them. So start collecting and putting aside your fluffy or bulky yarns and scrap fabrics, along with things like buttons, beads, velcro, ribbons and lace, keys, zips and anything else that you think people would “twiddle” with.


Autism NZ tell me that their people love twiddle blankets that are a heavy weight, and already one of the quilting groups here in Wellington has chosen to make the heavy twiddle blankets as their charity promo for this year.


I’m very much looking forward to seeing all the fantastic creations from this promotion.



That’s it from me for now… as I’m fast running out of time to get this posted before I leave the country… (that will teach me for procrastinating!).


If you’re interested in travel and motorcycles, feel free to follow our adventure in Vietnam and Thailand on our Kiwis Wandering Facebook Page.


Take care everybody, see you in a couple of months, and keep up the great charity crafting work that you all do so well.


Yours – with love, compassion and hope.