Crafters Dozen – week twelve

Good morning everyone,


Well, here we are on week twelve of our Crafters Dozen, and I have to say it’s been amazing seeing lots of you taking up the challenge to make some of the items over the 12 weeks. We have had a good amount of items coming in, and I know that there is a lot more out there on hooks and needles and sewing tables around the country that is waiting to be finished. It’s been a lot of hard work (and enjoyment) bringing this promotion to you, and I’m so delighted to see the number of you that have joined in the fun. I sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Crafters Dozen – week twelve


So – what’s the final challenge???


On the 12th week of crafting the people made with love … animal coats and toys … baby bibs and cloth wipes … marble maze and cushions … warm socks and slippers … textured twiddle muffs … kids and teenage clothing … shawls, wraps and ponchos … warm baby clothes … bright cuddly blankets … sleeping angel wraps .. hats, scarves and gloves … and a bear for a child in need.



That’s right, we are rounding off the Crafters Dozen with something for our four legged friends! We all love to see puppies (and kittens) wrapped up nice and warm, whether it a cute knitted jumper, or a more substantial coat. For the smaller puppies and kittens that end up in the SPCA or other animal shelters, having something to keep them warm while they get used to life away from their mothers can sometimes make the difference between survival or not.


Wellington SPCA has kindly provided us with some patterns, and some links to find other patterns for things to keep our furry friends warm. They advise that their knitting patterns are quite small and fit the very little puppies, so they would love it if you could use bigger needles and maybe add some stitches and rows to “upscale” the pattern. I personally think the idea of repurposing old jumpers or track pants into something that will keep the furry friends warm is a fabulous idea – but maybe that’s me hoping to keep things out of the landfill for just a little longer…

Puppy jumper knitting pattern – HERE

Puppy Jumper knitted on the round – HERE

Dog sweaters – repurposing sleeves HERE and trouser legs HERE – no sewing required – unless you want to add a bit of “bling”…

Dog coats – sewn – HERE


One of the great things that the team at the Wellington SPCA do is to allow children to get involved with providing toys to the animals – either as part of a birthday party, or as part of a school holiday programme (feel free to contact your local branch to see if they have the facilities to be able to do this). They provide pre-cut and partially sewn fabric “fish” and “bone” shapes to the children to finish making the pet toys – by stuffing and hand sewing the last section. This is wonderfully interactive for the children; they know that they are making a difference to one little animal in the shelter, and sometimes they are able to make a second toy to take home to their own pet. It serves to show the children that you can easily and cheaply make an animal toy; it encourages a sense of volunteering at an early age; and maybe also gets them interested in crafting – what a fabulous way to celebrate a birthday or spend a day during your school holidays!


The SPCA are always happy to receive these fish and bone shapes – and it’s a great way for you to use up some fabric scraps. They don’t need to be too big for the kittens and puppies, and the animals don’t mind if the fabric is different on each side. Please sew around the shape, just leaving an unsewn gap big enough for the kids to stuff the toy – as shown in the pattern below.

Dog Bone toy – sewing instructions – HERE


HERE is another link for general sewing for pets and shelters that gives a few more patterns and ideas for things to make.


Phew – that’s week number 12 done! I’m a little sad that it’s over… however in Wellington we still have our 12 hour event next Saturday (the 12th) to keep us busy for just a little bit longer. Thanks for playing along with this promotion with us, I hope it’s provided you with a few new patterns to try, and that you’ve enjoyed being involved. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for photos from next weekends event, and of more of the beautiful items that are coming in.


Crafters Dozen Event – 12th of August


We are 8 days away from our Crafters Dozen event at Newlands Community Centre – and I can’t wait to get the day started! It’s going to be lots of fun. So remember to bring the kids along (and stay with them to supervise), and tell your friends about it…


Here’s what’s happening on the day:

  • 12 hours of Crafting – from 9am til 9pm – come for an hour or come for the day!
  • Newlands Community Centre – 9 Batchelor St, Newlands
  • Tea / coffee supplied – and any donations of yummy treats or baking will be very much appreciated. And for those around at dinner time, we are thinking of all putting in a few $$ to get a bulk supply of fish and chips
  • Children welcome – please stay with them to supervise (and join in the fun!)
  • Gold Coin Donation – to help cover the costs of venue hire and running the event
  • Sewing Station – making Warren Bears; twiddle aprons; cutting down and binding woollen blankets; baby bibs; animal toys; small quilts
  • Twiddle Muffs Station – knitting and crocheting; using up our stash of textured yarns; buttons, beads and zips
  • Toy Stuffing Station – stuffing and sewing Warren Bears; knitted and crocheted bears; animal toys; rabbit squares
  • Peggy Square Station – crocheted and knitted squares; sewing squares together; making edges for blankets
  • Craft and Chat Area – spend a few hours with us and make a bear, a twiddle muff, a beanie, or a pair of slippers; learn some tips from other crafters
  • Learn to Knit or Crochet – in the Peggy Square Station
  • Crafting Tips and Techniques with Anne – in the Craft and Chat area, at 2pm and 7pm (approx. 30-40 minutes)
  • Donations Table – please bring in your completed items and any donations of yarn or fabric
  • Transport – if you don’t have transport and would like to come along, please contact us in advance, so we can help arrange some transport for you. And if you’re able to help with some driving, please let us know – many thanks


If you can do us a small favour please – we would be hugely grateful if you could print off a couple of posters (Black and White or Colour) and put them up in your local shops or at work for us. And if you are able to help for a few hours – please let me know – or 021-511004.


We look forward to seeing you there.


To finish off…


At Crafty Volunteers, here in Wellington, we get to see just a portion of all of the amazing crafted items that all of the wonderful sewers, crocheters and knitters make, either individually or as part of a crafting group or club. Every week I learn of more groups and individuals that make fabulous items for their chosen charities, and I also learn of more charities and groups of people that are in need. Our aim is to help connect the people that can produce crafted items, to those charities and people that need them – and to continue to bring awareness to the general public of the huge volumes of work that crafters around the country do consistently every year. I couldn’t begin to imagine the dollar value that crafters would contribute to “charity” in terms of materials used or time spent making products… So thanks again for the contributions that you all make to the charities around the country, I know that the charities and the end recipient do sincerely appreciate everything that you all do.


Yours – with love, compassion and hope