Crafters Dozen – week eleven

Hi everybody,


Thank you so much for the kind wishes last week, I am feeling so much better, and enjoyed a few days away in the top of the South Island to celebrate the birthdays of my mother in law and myself – which was lovely. I have a feeling that hubby and I will be looking to live in the Nelson / Motueka area at some stage in the future, cos it’s just so gorgeous!


When we started discussing the Crafters Dozen promotion four and a half months ago, and set a date for our Wellington event, it seemed like such a long time away. Now here we are just 2 weeks out from it, and with only one more craft topic after this one – I can’t believe how quickly time has been going by… and I’m so delighted that lots of people are joining in.


A couple of weeks ago at a crafting session in Paraparaumu, a lovely lady pulled out some yarn and a pattern to make some slippers for Wrap Up our Schools – the very pattern that I had emailed out that morning for Week Nine. It was a very humbling moment for me.

Crafters Dozen – week eleven


On the 11th week of crafting the people made with love … baby bibs and cloth wipes … marble maze and cushions … warm socks and slippers … textured twiddle muffs … kids and teenage clothing … shawls, wraps and ponchos … warm baby clothes … bright cuddly blankets … sleeping angel wraps .. hats, scarves and gloves … and a bear for a child in need.


I know that many of you know of the amazing work that Little Sprouts does, but for those of you that don’t know so much about them… They are a volunteer run organisation that supports the youngest members of our community, by providing pretty much everything that a baby will need in its first year of life. Check out the contents of their baby packs HERE – it’s pretty amazing!!


Little Sprouts have bases in Auckland and Christchurch as well as HQ in Wellington, and they have been around since 2009. They utilise social workers and the like via their Charity Partners to identify babies most in need – such as from:

  • Families with premature or unwell babies
  • Women escaping from domestic violence
  • Refugees starting a new life in NZ
  • Young parents without support networks
  • Families where on parent is terminally ill or struggling with other illness
  • Families where the key earner has been made redundant
  • Families with multiples (twins or triplets)
  • Single parents (mums, dads, grandparents and other caregivers) who are struggling
  • Mums battling post-natal depression
  • Families living in an ongoing cycle of poverty
  • Plus more….


The work that this organisation does is nothing short of incredible, because they have brought together businesses, volunteers and crafters all for the purpose of supporting our most vulnerable.


So this week, I thought the sewers in our group could help boost Little Sprouts stocks of baby bibs and cloth wipes – because they go through these at a huge rate! And the knitters and crocheters could send in some baby clothes that we could add to their stocks.


Feel free to find a favourite bib pattern online, or go HERE to find a whole bunch of free ones (that look just so adorable!!)


Check out the instructions HERE for making the cloth wipes.


I can’t say enough about how tirelessly the team at Little Sprouts work, and how amazing their Craft Angels are. I know that they truly value any support that they receive, whether is be from donated items, crafted items, or the much needed cash required to purchase other items needed for their packs. Thanks so much to the very generous Crafty Volunteers who make and send in lots of items that we pass on to Little Sprouts.


Crafters Dozen Event – 12th of August


Wow – so just one more week of our Crafters Dozen to go… and then it’s our event in Wellington. I’m so looking forward to a huge turnout of people.




If you’re able to, we would be hugely grateful if you could print off a couple of posters (Black and White or Colour) and put them up in your local shops or at work for us. The Community Centres and Libraries around Greater Wellington have all had posters now, and it would be great to see more out in the community – after all it’s the community that we working so hard for…


Just to remind you about our plans for the day:

  • 12 hours of Crafting – from 9am til 9pm – come for an hour or come for the day!
  • Newlands Community Centre – 9 Batchelor St, Newlands
  • Tea / coffee supplied – and any donations of yummy treats or baking will be very much appreciated. And for those around at dinner time, we are thinking of all putting in a few $$ to get a bulk supply of fish and chips
  • Children welcome – please stay with them to supervise (and join in the fun!)
  • Gold Coin Donation – to help cover the costs of venue hire and running the event
  • Sewing Station – making Warren Bears; twiddle aprons; cutting down and binding woollen blankets; baby bibs; animal toys; small quilts
  • Twiddle Muffs Station – knitting and crocheting; using up our stash of textured yarns; buttons, beads and zips
  • Toy Stuffing Station – stuffing and sewing Warren Bears; knitted and crocheted bears; animal toys; rabbit squares
  • Peggy Square Station – crocheted and knitted squares; sewing squares together; making edges for blankets
  • Craft and Chat Area – spend a few hours with us and make a bear, a twiddle muff, a beanie, or a pair of slippers; learn some tips from other crafters
  • Learn to Knit or Crochet – in the Peggy Square Station
  • Crafting Tips and Techniques with Anne – in the Craft and Chat area, at 2pm and 7pm (approx. 30-40 minutes)
  • Donations Table – please bring in your completed items and any donations of yarn or fabric
  • Transport – if you don’t have transport and would like to come along, please contact us in advance, so we can help arrange some transport for you. And if you’re able to help with some driving, please let us know – many thanks


As I said last week – this is a huge event for us, and we are very keen to make it a wonderfully enjoyable day for all. It’s being organised by just a handful of people – so we would be very grateful if you could put your hand up to help for a few hours – please let me know if can give us a some time – or 021-511004.


It’s going to be an awesome day, so please make sure all of your crafty family and friends from Wellington / Hutt / Kapiti / Wairarapa / Horowheuna / Manawatu know about it.


Thank you all so very much for your support and contributions for this project. We know that there will be crafted items coming in for many months to come as a result of this promotion, because we know that “all good things take time…”. We sincerely appreciate your efforts, and know that the recipient organisations do to.


With much love, compassions and hope