Crafters Dozen – week nine

Good morning everybody,

I hope you are all coping well with the cold snap that we are experiencing this week – and that those of you that can, are staying indoors and crafting away merrily.

Crafters Dozen Event

The countdown is on now towards our Crafters Dozen event in Wellington – 12 hours of crafting from 9am til 9pm on Saturday the 12th of August, at Newlands Community Centre, 9 Batchelor St, Newlands, Wellington.

We will have several work stations running throughout the course of the day – including:-

  • Sewing Station – people will be making assorted items from donated fabrics. Please bring your own sewing machines, fabric scissors, pins and thread etc. We have some donated fabric, and I’m working on securing some more in the coming weeks. We have patterns, and will be making a variety of items that will go to many places including the hospital, Cancer Society, Little Sprouts, SPCA and HUHA.
  • Twiddle Muffs Station – people will be using up our stash of donated textured yarns. We are in need of donated buttons, beads and broken zips to stitch to the twiddle muffs. We have some knitting needles and scissors that people can use, but the crocheters will need to bring their own hooks, and also please bring a darning needle to stitch the buttons and beads on.
  • Toy Stuffing Station – we will be teaching children to stuff and stitch together the knitted, sewn and crocheted toys, that will be given to other children and pets in need. We will need volunteers to oversee the children doing this work, and will need a supply of sewing and darning needles to finish the toys.
  • Peggy Square Station – we will be teaching people how to knit and crochet squares that can be added to the stash of squares that we already have. We will be sewing squares together into blankets, and making nice edges. We have knitting needles that people can use, but the crocheters will need to bring their own hooks, and also please bring a darning needle to stitch the blankets together

The very talented Anne (along with myself, who isn’t quite so talented… but still ever so grateful for You Tube) will be helping people hone their knitting and crochet skills by teaching different stitch patterns and techniques during the course of the day – including sock making tips, cast on/ cast off techniques, and much more. We are looking for more people who are happy to help teach others some skills, please let me know if you’re keen to be involved.

Crafty Volunteers is run by a core group of just 4-6 regular helpers that run the organisation and the various crafting sessions, so we are going to be pretty stretched on the day. If you are able to help for part of the day we would very much appreciate the support. Please contact me on 021-511004 or . I will be trying to pull together a bit of a roster so we don’t exhaust our small but merry band of helpers.

We would love to see loads of people there, so please tell everybody you know about the day. For those of you outside of Wellington, we’ll be posting lots of pics throughout the day on our Facebook Page.

Crafters Dozen – week nine

On the ninth week of crafting, the people made with love… warm socks and slippers … textured twiddle muffs … kids and teenage clothing … shawls, wraps and ponchos … warm baby clothes … bright cuddly blankets … sleeping angel wraps .. hats, scarves and gloves … and a bear for a child in need.

Last week I had the great please of talking to Bianca and her daughter Arabella from Hamilton about their Wrap Up Our Schools project – where they are on a mission to provide slippers for low decile schools.

Arabella is a young woman with debilitating health issues, who lives in chronic pain on a daily basis. Often times the pain is so bad that she barely moves out from under her duvet. She was introduced to crafting as part of her pain therapy and hasn’t looked back. Despite her own personal challenges, Arabella still wanted to give something back to the community, so set up the Wrap Up Our Schools Facebook Page, and (despite her own limited funds) she regularly uses her own money to fund yarns and needles and courier bags to/ from knitter and schools around New Zealand.

This winter she is on a mission to provide 200+ pairs of slippers out to schools in every region of the country. So because we know there are crafters out there in every region, we know you’re going to take up the challenge locally.

Arabella and Bianca have shared the following patterns, that are amongst their favourites. Do feel free to use your own pattern, or take a look at our Ravelry Group for other ideas.

Basic Slipper Pattern – HERE

Easy Peasy Slippers – HERE

Knit World/Kids Can slippers – HERE

Crocheted slippers – HERE

Feel free to contact Arabella and Bianca by email at . Items can be sent to Knitting HQ, 92 Awatere Ave, Beerescourt, Hamilton – or to Crafty Volunteers, c/- Nancy’s Stitch Studio, 261 Thorndon Quay, Wellington.

I have to tell you that I was incredibly moved to hear Arabella’s story, and am blown away by the generosity of this wonderful young lady – I know that you’re all going to support her.

In addition to slippers for kids at schools, I’ve also had a request for warm socks from some of the district nursing staff at Wellington Hospital. They tell me that many of their patients (people on dialysis as an example) have issues with swollen feet/ ankles/ lower leg and cannot fit shoes or socks, which means their feet get terribly cold. Combined with a lack of mobility from their health issue, circulation / blood flow can become a real problem. The nurses have told me that they would be delighted to see their patients receive some love from our crafters.

So we are looking for people to make warm socks that will fit swollen feet. We suggest nice roomy socks, made big and stretchy with a 2-2 or 3-2 rib pattern to provide that extra give. Don’t worry about a top band at all, and if you’re new to sock making, a tube sock will do the trick perfectly. Those more experienced will do some shaped toes and heels I’m sure.

These socks are 100% about warmth – the recipients won’t be worried about colours or fancy patterns, these patients will be delighted to have something warm on the feet and ankles.

If you’re making socks, please check with your local district nurses or renal unit to see if they have a need. If not, you can definitely send them to us, and we will get them to the district nurses in Wellington, who will happily pass them to their patients.

Crafty Volunteers

Remember – Crafty Volunteers is here to support whatever crafting is happening in your local area. So wherever you are in NZ, please feel free to contact us, to let us know about your crafting group, or your local charity that’s in need. We love connecting people.

Please do sign up for the email list for your region (HERE), and invite your friends and family to do the same. When the Crafters Dozen is over, I’ll be looking to provide more regionalised content with charities and crafting groups in your regions.

For those that have just started following the 12 weeks of crafting – you can back track on our blogs here:

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Week Six – shawls, wraps and ponchos

Week Five – warm baby clothes

Week Four – bright cuddly blankets

Week Three – sleeping angel wraps

Week Two – hats, scarves and gloves

Week One – a bear for a child in need

And if you’ve got fabric, yarn, buttons or beads that are taking up space at your place, we would love to be able to put it to good use on the 12th of August. All donations are gratefully received, and can be sent to Crafty Volunteers, c/- Nancy’s Stitch Studio, 261 Thorndon Quay, Wellington.

Thank you all so much for your support – the goodies are flooding in. We are incredibly humbled by all of your hard work. Keep it coming – because we are always seem to keep finding more need.

Yours – with Love, Compassion and Hope


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