Crafters Dozen – week eight

Hi everybody,

I hope that you are all keeping warm and busy over these cold winter days. Last weekend, I was very pleased to sort out my little office/crafting room in my new apartment, so now I’ve got a desk set up to be able to write my blog/emails in comfort, and (more importantly) I know what crafting supplies I personally have, and what donated yarns Crafty Volunteers has to use up.

It’s both good and bad know how much donated yarn we have… Good that I now have only 3 x 82 litre storage bins in my little office – bad that we are getting low on yarn to be able to get out to people. So if you know of anybody who has yarn stashed away somewhere that they are never going to use, please do send them our way. It doesn’t matter what the yarn is, or how small the quantity is, we will find something that we can do with it. At present one of the projects I’m working on (cos we can never just be working on one project – right?) is a crocheted granny square blanket, and I’m using all the short ends of 8 ply yarn. I’ve got it down to a fine art, and I can use lengths as short a 1.5 metres. Waste not, want not… there also probably a reason why I work at the Ministry for the Environment…

Anyway, enough about me and my projects – what are we doing with Crafters Dozen this week??


Crafters Dozen – week eight


On the eighth week of crafting, the people made with love… Textured twiddle muffs … kids and teenage clothing … shawls, wraps and ponchos … warm baby clothes … bright cuddly blankets … sleeping angel wraps .. hats, scarves and gloves … and a bear for a child in need.


Textured twiddle muffs are given to Alzheimer patients and children with autism, to help keep their minds active and their attention focused on something unusual, and they provide some warmth as well.

You only need to do a google search on Twiddle Muff or Fidget Blankets to see that many, many crafters and groups are not only using up stashes of left over yarns and fabrics, but they are also providing joy and some tactile stimulation to people that could most benefit from it.

Muffs are made by using texture from different yarns and fabrics, and attaching beads, buttons, ribbons, zips and pom-poms not only on the outside of the muff, but also on the inside. Some groups are going further, by making fidget blankets, pillows or aprons – so this week we’d like you to get creative, go wild, use up all of your random crafting items, and know that it will bring some pleasure to somebody.

I did find out something interesting regarding twiddle muffs that go to special needs children… it’s not recommended to put beads and things on the inside of the muff, as this can cause a great deal of anxiety for the youngsters as the texture on the inside can freak them out a little. So if you’re making muffs with the intention of them going to special needs children, please do bear that in mind. And if you’re sending the in to us, please pop one of our swing tags on them, so we know if you’re wanting them to go to alzheimers patients or special needs kids – thanks.

Knit World’s charity crafting project last year was Twiddle Muffs, and they were able to pass on over 1200 muffs to dementia residents in the Ryman Healthcare villages throughout New Zealand. That’s a fantastic effort!

Pop over to the Knit World Twiddle Muffs page for the Knitted and Crocheted patterns (links are at the bottom of the page). And I found a Fidget Apron pattern and tutorial for the sewers. I can’t wait to see some of the completely random creations that you’re going to make.

As usual, if you want to get them to us in Wellington, please send them to Crafty Volunteers, c/- Nancy’s Stitch Studio, 261 Thorndon Quay, Wellington – or touch base with your local Alzheimer’s organisation or aged healthcare provider. Or you may prefer to donate to your local Autism New Zealand branch.


Events around Greater Wellington this week


It’s going to be a busy week… and I’ll have some random textured yarns available at the following events for people who want to use it for twiddle muffs. Please come along to the event to collect some, and stay and craft with us.

  • Sunday 9th – 1.30pm til 4.00pm – Lower Hutt Library
  • Monday 10th – 6.00pm til 8.00pm – Nancy’s Stitch Studio
  • Thursday 13th – 6.00pm til 8.00pm – Tawa Library
  • Friday 14th – 7.00pm til 9.00pm – Kapiti Knitting and Lotto


Crafters Dozen event on 12 August in Newlands


We are looking for some people who can come and help us on the day. If you can help with setting up the evening before; meeting and greeting on the day; chatting to people about some of the crafts on the tables; helping with the sewing station; supporting the tutorial sessions; or helping pack down afterwards – we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please give me a call on 021-511004 or drop me an email – . Many thanks.


It’s lovely getting feedback from you regarding what you’re making and which charity youre giving it to – so please do keep touching base.

Keep warm and keep crafting.

Yours – with Love, Compassion and Hope


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