Crafters Dozen – week seven

Good morning on this last day of June…


I hope everyone is keeping busy in these long winter nights, and that you’re enjoying trying some new things with our Crafters Dozen.


Regular Crafting Groups around the country


I made some time this week to alter our Events Page to make it easier to read. Please feel free to share it with your crafty family and friends around NZ, and do let us know of groups in your region that have regular catch ups. Part of what Crafty Volunteers is about, is connecting people, so we’d be grateful if you could help us do that.


Swing Tags


We love that you are sending loads of beautiful items in, and continue to be so wonderfully generous to so many charities and people in need. One simple way that you can help assist us get your lovely items to the correct charities, is to print off and attach one of our swing tags to each item (we punch a hole in the top left corner and tie it on with a piece of scrap yarn/thread). This not only helps us identify the type of yarn/fabric used, and the size/type of garment (which means we can pass it to the most suitable charity), but it also lets the end recipient know how to wash/care for the item. Remember, in some cases the recipient may have never owned a hand crafted item, and we want them to know how to care for the item so it lasts a long time. Using the swing tag is a reminder to the recipient that an individual (or an entire crafting group) cares for them. If you want to remain anonymous, you can always put that it’s made by “someone who cares”.


If you don’t have access to a printer, and you’d like us to send some swing tags to you – please send us a stamped self addressed envelope and a note asking for some swing tags to: Crafty Volunteers, c/- Nancys Stitch Studio, 261 Thorndon Quay, Wellington – and we’ll get a bunch sent back to you.


Crafters Dozen – week seven


(Remember the tune to the Christmas carol….)

On the seventh week of crafting, the people made with love… Kids and teenage clothingShawls, Wraps and Ponchos… Warm baby clothes… Bright cuddly blankets… Sleeping angel wraps… Hats, scarves and gloves… and a bear for a child in need.


There are numerous charities that distribute baby items, and blankets of every size – and as a crafter many of us like to do the quick items – however there is a section of the charity crafting market that does often get missed… and that’s the children aged between 3 and 16 years old – particularly teenage boys.


Places like Foster Hope and Womens Refuge constantly need topping up with items for children over 3 yrs. It’s difficult for most of us to imagine that these charities, and others like them receive children (often in the middle of the night) who have been removed from their home with just the clothes that they are wearing at the time. Other organisations like the Refugee Centres and those that support Low decile schools, will also tell you about the huge need for clothes for kids of all ages. We love the huge “Pyjama Drive” that Foster Hope do. They tell us that they receive so many wonderful PJ’s for the little kids, and the bigger kids miss out.


So this weeks Crafters Dozen challenge is all about clothes for the bigger kids. Whether it be pyjamas or clothes; either sewn, shop bought, or good quality second hand; or some lovely hand knitted/crocheted jerseys, cardigans or vests – we’ll be sure to get your items distributed to the places that need it most.


I’m sure you’ve got your favourite patterns, and if not I’m sure you’ll have a great time searching for something suitable. And remember if you’re on Ravelry, remember to stop by the Crafty Volunteers Group. I’m sure that Suz and Anne will post some of their favourite patterns on there in due course (thanks so much for driving this group ladies, I really appreciate it).


Crafters Dozen event – Saturday 12 August


Remember to mark the date in your calendars. We will be at the Newlands Community Centre, 9 Batchelor St, Newlands, from 9am til 9pm – with loads of beautiful items to show you; tips to teach you; and a sewing station for you to bring your machine, and a space to knit/crochet and chat. Feel free to drop in for some of the day, or all of it! We look forward to seeing you there.


As always, I’m humbled by the contributions that each of you make – thank you so very much. Have a wonderfully crafty weekend – blessings to you all.


With love, compassion and hope.



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