Crafters Dozen – week six

Hi everybody,


It’s been a bit of a manic time for me lately (frantic at work, shifted house last weekend), and I’m struggling to keep up with things on the Crafty Volunteers front, so I’m keeping this weeks message nice and short…


Ravelry Group


Suz and Anne have been doing a magic job of populating some threads, and adding suggested patterns for you to try, that are in line with the Crafters Dozen theme of the week. Huge thanks to you both.


Please do pop over to the Crafty Volunteers Ravelry Group and join up. Feel free to share your favourite patterns; pop up pics of your completed work or your WIP’s; or ask any questions you might have about items crafted for charities. And of course, please do feel free to mention our group to your friends and family around New Zealand.


I’m very grateful to Suz for suggesting this (when I met her just 2 weeks ago at Knit in Public) and getting it set up so quickly. I’ve been very aware that there are loads of crafters out there who don’t use Facebook, and I’m eager to explore what other options there are for communicating our message, and getting people involved. I’d love your feedback, as the group/threads start to grow, on whether this is a more readily available means of communication for you all.


Crafters Dozen – week six


Well we are half way through… I hope you’ve got the Crafters Dozen version of the “Twelve days of Christmas” song going in your head now…


“On the sixth week of crafting, the people made with love… Shawls, Wraps and Ponchos… Warm baby clothes… Bright cuddly blankets… Sleeping angel wraps… Hats, scarves and gloves… and a bear for a child in need”


Quite some time ago, we were asked if we would be able to provide some warm wraps to the Cancer Society, as they found that some of their patients who were receiving Chemo were getting cold around the shoulders – this got us thinking… Some patients can spend quite a length of time sitting around while they are receiving their treatment, whether it be Chemo or Dialysis, or another form of treatment, where they are connected to drips or tubes of some sort. In this case, they are unable to wear jackets or other warm garments, as their arms need to be exposed – hence the request for a wrap of some sort.


So this week we are asking for warm items that are long enough to provide warmth around the shoulders and arms, yet roomy enough around the arms that they don’t interfere with nurses getting access to the tubes. These can be knitted, crocheted or sewn – however, when you send them in please do mark what type of yarn or fabric you have used, as we may not be able to send acrylic yarn and some fabrics to the hospitals because of the potential that this may interfere with electronic machinery.


We’d be grateful if you could download and print a swing tag to label up your items, as this helps us to identify which charities we can deliver your items to. Many thanks.


In addition to providing these to the Cancer Societies and Hospitals, we will also be sending these to organisations like Little Sprouts (to give to mums for while they are feeding baby), as well as to Womens Night Shelters and Refugee Services (for women who are needing an extra layer of warmth).


And if you’ve got suitable yarn/fabric for the blokes receiving treatment, or to the men in the night shelters, we would really appreciate being able to keep them warm too.


As far as patterns are concerned – there is a multitude available. You could make a rectangle and stitch the end to the side of the other end; you could use up scraps of yarn by making a peggy square type poncho; or you could try one of the many designer types of shawls or wraps, and attach a tie or button (to join them up/avoid slipping off – the patients won’t want to be wriggling around keeping a wrap from slipping off).


Here’s a couple I quite like the look of… (cos I’m all about easy…)


I haven’t had the opportunity to get to Nancys Stitch Studio this week, but from what I hear from the wonderful team there, donations of goods are coming in regularly… thank you all so very much!!


Crafting Sessions in Greater Wellington this/next week


We’ve got a busy time here in the greater Wellington region… and I’m super excited that Vicky and Treena have offered to host a second monthly crafting session at the Hutt Library (on the second and forth Sundays of each month)

  • Saturday 24th June – 1.00pm – 4.00pm – Wellington Central Library
  • Sunday 25th June – 1.00pm – 4.00pm – Nancys Stitch Studio
  • Sunday 25th June – 1.30pm – 3.30pm – War Memorial Library, Lower Hutt
  • Monday 26th June – 7.00pm – 9.00pm – Cultured Purls Group, Lower Hutt
  • Thursday 29th June – 10.00am – 12.00pm – Seatoun Charity Crafters Group
  • Friday 30th June – 7.00pm – 9.00pm – Kapiti Knitting and Lotto

See our Events Page for more info, and for dates thru to September.


As always – thank you all so very much for the wonderful things that you create with love for strangers. I’m constantly humbled by the amount of love that goes in to every item that comes to us to distribute to the charities.


Yours – with love, compassion and hope



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