Crafters Dozen – week four

Thank you all so very much for being involved with this 12 week project. We are getting deliveries of finished items almost every day, and loads of offers of yarns and fabrics that will be used at our big event on the 12th of August. It really means the world to us that so many people have gotten involved, and that you’re enjoying being creative.

Crafters Dozen – week four

On the forth week of crafting, the people made with love…
Bright cuddly blankets; Sleeping Angel wraps; Hats, scarves and gloves; and a Bear for a child in need.

Who doesn’t love a warm cuddly blanket, and if it’s brightly coloured, all the better! And everybody can contribute to this project, no matter how new you are to crochet and knitting, because every single square helps to make a blanket… and every blanket makes a huge difference to its recipient.

Blankets of every size… Some of you might like to make small blankets for the Neo Natal Unit – these blankets are quite small, only a little bigger than pillowcase size. They do need to be made in 100% wool, or cotton, to help with temperature regulation for the tiny babies. Please use a pattern that doesn’t have holes in it, as tiny fingers risk getting caught. Also please note that it’s unwise to use acrylics as this can cause static electricity, which interferes with the machines.

imageBigger baby blankets, for up to six months (which are given to numerous charities, including Little Sprouts, Whanau Living, Foster Hope, Plunket and many others) should preferably be made in wool for the warmth, however acrylic mix is okay too. If you’ve got yarn scraps to use, please feel free to make 15cm squares and send them through to us, to join together with other squares. If you’re making an entire baby blanket, the size to make is between 75cm and 120cm square or rectangle. This will form a lovely blanket that can be folded in half while baby is still young, and still be wonderful as a snuggle blanket for a small child.

imageThis blanket was made by Faith, a lovely 12 year old girl who comes to some of our crafting sessions in Wellington, to learn crochet techniques.

Over the last 18 months or so, we have received enough squares and partial or completed blankets from people all around New Zealand, that we have been able to donate well over 150 full sized blankets to many different charities. Our size for this is 90-105 cms wide by 150-180 cms long (note the multiples of 15 cms), which fits nicely on a single bed. These blankets have gone to Foster Hope, Give a Kid a Blanket, Womens Refuge, Night Shelters, Kiwi Family Trust, Refugee Services and loads more organisations.

imageThe fact that there are so many organisations that we give products to, serves to remind me of one of the very few “rules” that we have at Crafty Volunteers… that is that everything that we make and receive stays in New Zealand, because there is more than enough demand within our shores.

I have to admit to being one of those people who dislike sewing up, and all of my preferred patterns are as seamless as possible. As a result, I personally prefer to have a mitred square blanket as one of my pick up/put down projects to use up my scraps of yarn, and although it can take several months to complete a blanket, it’s nice to have a project to go on with when I’ve completed my smaller items. Occasionally I’ll buy yarn especially for a mitred square blanket that’s lovely and bright, that will give joy to its end recipient – like the one shown here.

imageIf you prefer one piece knitting like me, you might be interested in the mitred square blanket pattern HERE.

Crafters Dozen event – 12 August

CDSquare smallBecause we know that there will be many, many squares sent in over the coming weeks, we will be dedicating some time at our Crafters Dozen event on the 12th of August, to gather together and sew squares in to strips, and strips in to blankets. If you are coming along to the event, and are happy to take squares away to sew up, please do let us know, and we will make up some pack of squares in advance for you to take home to sew up..

Also at the Crafters Dozen event, we will have a sewing station, where you can bring your sewing machine along. We have some woollen blankets that have been donated, that can be cut down, and have a pretty binding sewn around. We also hope to have some small quilts being made out of some of the fabric off cuts that we have been donated.

It’s going to be quite a busy 12 hours, on the 12th of August, at the Newlands Community Centre… and I’ll be telling you more about it in the weeks leading up.

World Wide Knit in Public Day – 10 June

KIP Pacific snipI’m very much looking forward to a huge turnout at Wellington Central Library tomorrow, from 10.00am til 5.00pm, and at War Memorial Library Lower Hutt on Sunday, from 1.00pm til 5.00pm. I can’t believe it’s rolled around so quickly…

Similarly I’m looking forward to seeing photos from other events around the country, and around the world, via the official World Wide Knit in Public Day WEBSITE and Facebook PAGE.

Congratulations to all of the other organisers who are putting together events in your region – well done, and keep up the great work!

If you’re in Wellington / Lower Hutt over the weekend, please do come and join us. And if you’re not around, please do encourage your friends in the area to come and join the fun.

Both libraries will be providing tea trolleys and some light refreshments, and we will be adding to the nibbles too. If you’d like to bring something to share, I’m sure it will be most appreciated.

Getting items to us

If you have bears, squares, hats and scarves, angel wraps, or anything else to send to us – the best place to courier or drop items to us c/- Nancy’s Stitch Studio, 261 Thorndon Quay, Wellington.

For those sending squares – please mark them clearly if they are wool, as if we don’t know we have to assume they are acrylic and put them in with the other unidentified squares. Remember the ideal size for squares is 15 cms.

Thanks again for all of the wonderful donations that keep coming in, and for the support you give to Crafty Volunteers. This means that lots of different charities are given products that go to many, many individuals and families in need, all around New Zealand.

Please know that for every little thing that you do, whether it be a bear or a square, someone’s life is made just a little bit brighter.

Yours with love, compassion and hope.


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