Crafters Dozen – week three

Hi everybody,


Happy Queens Birthday weekend and welcome to June! I can’t believe how quickly this year is going by, Mind you, I’m sure I say that every year…

World Wide Knit in Public Day


Thanks to those of you who have informed us of Knit in Public days in your regions. We’ve got another week til we all get together on the 10th of June, so please keep the event info coming, and we’ll keep updating our event page. If you or your friends are looking for an event near you, THESE are the ones we’ve been told about so far. Check back in during the week to see if we’ve learned of more events.


I’m so very much looking forward to a huge response at Wellington Central Library, I just hope they have enough seats for us – haha! And of course we are taking the liberty of time travel, by being at Lower Hutt Library on the 11th (because it will still be June 10th somewhere in the world), and I’m already hearing that there is going to be quite a good turn out there.


Keep spreading the word about Knit in Public with everybody you know, and lets get crafting out from behind closed doors…


Crafters Dozen – week 3


On the third week of crafting, the people made with love…

Sleeping Angel Wraps

Hats Scarves and Gloves

And a Bear for a child in need


This weeks crafting project is a very special one – sleeping angel wraps. At a very emotional time for a family, a gift of warmth and compassion from a random stranger means the world.


There are several groups /organisations that provide wraps to sleeping angels, and one of the better known ones in New Zealand is SANDS, which is a volunteer run registered charity, set up especially “to support parents and families who have experiences the death of a baby at any stage during pregnancy, as a baby or infant.”


Their website informs us that “every year in New Zealand over 700 babies die between 20 weeks gestation and 12 months of age. In excess of 10,000 die as a result of an early loss prior to 20 weeks gestation.” That’s a huge number of families every year dealing with a very specific grief. Sands have support groups all around New Zealand, so making a gift of love is something that you can do in your own area.


As it turns out KNIT WORLD’s charity crafting project this year is Sands, and although their project finished on the 30th of May, I’m sure they aren’t going to mind more items coming in. Check out the link for patterns to knit and crochet.


I recall reading a few years ago about a bunch of sewers who were converting wedding dresses into angel gowns, which is just such a lovely and meaningful way of repurposing a dress that is associated with love, to another use that will draw strength from that love.


For those of you that sew, I’m sure you are able to get creative and make something beautiful for a grieving family. And if you need any pattern ideas, pop over to the Crafty Volunteers Pinterest page for some “Angel Gown” pins.


Regular crafting sessions in your region


Crafty Volunteers was established, not so much as a crafting group, but more as a communication conduit to help connect charities and crafters together.


Because we are based in Wellington, we need you to help us gather information about what’s going on in other regions. If you’re involved in a knitting/ sewing/ crochet group that meets regularly, please do let us know the details and we will add it to our events page. And as we build up our following (via the regional email list) we will be able to be more specific / localised in our email bulletins to each region.


We love helping people! And if you can provide us with local info that we can share (about charities in need, or crafting groups) then we get the opportunity to help people find ways to help people. I really do love a win/win!

Thank you all so very much for the great work that you do. We love hearing from those of you who have contacted us, and look forward to seeing all of the wonderful items coming in – just look at what we’ve collected in the last few days. Magic!


If you’re wanting to courier items to us, please send them to – Crafty Volunteers c/- Nancys Stitch Studio, 261 Thorndon Quay, Wellington.


Stay warm and enjoy your long weekend.


Yours with Love Compassion and Hope



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