Crafty Volunteers Year in Review

Crafty Volunteers year in review. We are rapidly approaching December and we thought, we should look at the Crafty Volunteers year so far. We have continued to support many charities and organisations with  donations of beautifully handcrafted goods made by our wonderful Crafty Volunteers and wish to continue this in the future.

One of the many blankets made from all the donated Peggy squares from 2015/2016


We started the year stitching Peggy squares together to make blankets. We received so many knitted and crocheted squares from our promotion in 2015 that we were still putting the blankets together at the beginning of this year. We were overwhelmed with the response to this promotion and love that we still receive peggy squares now, which are sewn together and passed on to any charity that needs them.
Good Deeds Day 2016


Our next promotion was Good Deeds Day, which was an opportunity for charities we work with to tell us all about what they do and let us know how we can continue to help them. We learnt so much about the good work the participating charities are doing and we also received many donations on the day that we were able to distribute between the charities involved.

A sloth of  bears made by our wonderful Crafty Volunteers for the “Bear with us” promotion 2016
Our latest promotion was “Bear with us” which was a huge success, we received over 200 bears and we are still collecting bears now. It was a wonderful promotion and our volunteers really enjoyed making bears. We heard so many stories about how these bears can bring comfort to people who are going through hard times and we hope that they have brought joy to the many people in our community that need a special friend.

We were also able to have a crafting table at Storylines this year which gave us the opportunity to spread the word about Crafty Volunteers and get the younger generation hooked like we are on crafting. These are just examples of some of the larger promotions we have had this year, we have also helped other charities by promoting their events and donating crafted goods that we have received during the year. Some of the charities and organisations we have helped this year include: Cancer Society, Coffee and a Blanket, Foster Hope, HUHA,  Little Sprouts, NICU, Rotaract, SPCA, Sweet Louise, Wellington Night Shelter, Women’s Refuge and the list goes on ………

This year we also became a registered charity. We are extremely proud and excited about this and hope it will help us move forward, so we can help more members of our community. We would like to eventually establish groups throughout New Zealand, so we can help more and more charities to continue their good work. We have been approached by many charities this year for help and we encourage any organisations/charities that need help with donations of handcrafted goods to approach us, so we can let our crafters know what charities are in need of our special help by advertising on our website and Facebook page. You can contact us at or PM us on Facebook. Our charity was established for the purpose to connect the people who knit, crochet and sew for charity, to the charities that need products. It’s about balancing supply and demand. While some charities have enough items being produced, others aren’t able to do their good work because they don’t have the items to use or give away. We think of ourselves as a conduit between crafters and charities.

Some of our Crafty Volunteers Craft Sessions

Our Craft Sessions are becoming extremely popular and we have learnt about many other groups that are already established and have extended invitations for us to come along and join them. We were able to start some new craft sessions this year, we have an extra session at Nancys on the last Sunday of every month and we have a new session at the War Memorial Library, Lower Hutt on the second Sunday of every month. Keep an eye on our Facebook events page  and website Events/Promotion page  for our monthly sessions. We really enjoy meeting new crafters, seeing our regular volunteers and being able to help new knitters and crocheters with their first projects. We encourage you all to come to these session as they are a lot of fun and provide a wonderful environment  for crafting and of course having a yarn with like-minded individuals.

We would like to thank all the businesses and organisations that have helped us throughout the year with donations of craft goods and venues for our craft sessions and promotions, without your support we couldn’t do what we do. All the individuals and crafters in our community that have donated time, materials and handcrafted items, Thank you! It never ceases to amaze us, how much support and donations we receive from you all. We hope to continue to work with you all to help as many charities and organisations as we can year after year.

We are excited for Maggie our founder to come back from her great adventure overseas and look forward to hearing about her trip. I am sure she will be brimming with exciting ideas for Crafty Volunteers and be looking forward to getting back into her role with the Crafty Volunteers team. I know for a fact that she misses being able to knit and is very much looking forward to picking up her knitting needles on her return,  We already have exciting projects in the pipe line for next year and can’t wait to work with you all in the New year. Thank you all for your love, support and generosity this year, we couldn’t have done all these amazing things this year without everyone involved.

Yours – with love, compassion and hope
The Crafty Volunteers Team.

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