Charity Crafting Expo


Charity Crafting Expo

Good Deeds Day – 10th April 

Hi all,

We have pretty much finalised the details regarding our “International Good Deeds Day” multiple location event on Sunday, so I thought we’d better let you all know what’s happening…

Please share this blog update with any crafty friends and family in the Kapiti/Hutt/Wellington region – we’d love to meet them and let them know what we do. And we would definitely love them to join in on the crafting fun!

Locations / Times:
Paraparaumu Beach – Seaside Motel – 7/13 Seaview Road, Paraparaumu Beach – 11am – 4pm 
Wellington Nancy’s Stitch Studio – 261 Thorndon Quay, Wellington – 11am – 4pm
Lower Hutt War Memorial Library  – Corner Queens Drive and Woburn Road,
Lower Hutt – 1pm – 4pm

We will have samples of the various products that our crafters have made for the many recipient charities that we support, which we will happily explain to you. We also have some of our recipient charities coming to speak to us about what they do, what they need, and how our crafters can best support them.

Wellington Little Sprouts and SPCA– 11.30am / Foster Hope – 1.30pm
Lower Hutt – Little Sprouts and Foster Hope – 1.30pm / NICU and SPCA – 3.00pm
Paraparaumu Beach – Little Sprouts – 11.30am / Foster Hope – 1.30pm

Unfortunately, some of our other recipient charities are not able to make it to speak to us (like the amazing people at the Cancer Society, who are of course busy with the Relay for Life in Wellington this weekend), so we have samples of some of the items that they are most in need of.

Sewing tables at Wellington and Paraparaumu Beach:
The SPCA have supplied us with some fabric and patterns for a couple of items that they are in short supply of – so we are calling for sewers to bring their scissors and sewing machines along and help out with that. Both patterns are very small and simple to make.

Knitting/Crochet Lessons:
If you’re interested in learning a new skill; are unsure how to do a particular pattern or stitch; or wanting some other general tips – feel free to come and ask one of our Support Team for some advice. We have a selection of donated knitting needles that we can supply to new knitters (unfortunately we don’t have crochet hooks available).

Learn how to make a Mitred Square Blanket:
We have a supply of donated 8ply acrylic yarn, that we will be using during the day, and showing knitters how to make a lovely Peggy Square blanket. It’s a great pattern (we’ll provide a copy for you to take home), as it’s made by joining all the squares as you go – a really good way of using up all your part balls and scrap yarns. We make loads of blankets for many charities, and can never get enough of them…

Doing your own Charity Crafting:
If you’ve got your own charity project that you want to bring along and work on during the day, we’d love to see what you’re working on.

Register as a Crafty Volunteer, and help us “make to request”:
We are taking registrations of interest from people who are happy to make items to request, when our recipient charities are short of items in the future. In some cases we may be able to assist with donated yarn/fabric.

Craft and Chat Sessions:
Crafty Volunteers organises a number of crafting sessions in different locations throughout the month. Find out when and where our sessions are, and come along for some social engagements with other like-minded people.
We are keen to know more about the great work already being done by many crafting groups around the region (and the rest of the country, as we slowly expand into other regions), so that we can support crafting groups to achieve their production targets for charity. If you’re involved in a crafting group, please let us know where and when you meet, so we can promote it on our website and Facebook page and help get more people along.

The aim of the Crafty Volunteers organisation is to help balance the supply and demand issues faced by many of our recipient charities. The more people who are crafting, the more ability we have to help charities meet their ever-increasing need. Let’s connect together to help each other and help our communities.

If you need any further info, please email – – or call 021-511004.

I’m so looking forward to a fabulous set of events on Sunday. I hope to see loads of people there – and remember to bring your friends and family along. It’s going to be a super fun day!!

Yours – with love, compassion and hope



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