Happy 1st Birthday to Crafty Volunteers



Well, we’ve made it through our first year of existence, and I’m delighted that we have achieved so much already.

Thank you to the wonderful people that have supported me on this crazy crusade, and to all of the amazing crafters that have come along to events, couriered completed items or yarn/fabric to be used – you are all amazing!!

I’ve been blown away by the amount of interest we have received in the last 12 months, and by the number of wonderful new friends I’ve personally made this year. It’s very humbling to me that so many people are keen to be involved in this project.

I know it probably seems like we’ve not been doing much lately … and to be fair, it has been a little quiet over the Summer – however we haven’t been sitting on our laurels.

We still have peggy squares coming in regularly, and people sewing them into blankets. I’m still amazed and delighted by how well the 10 Day Peggy Square Crafathon back in September was received and supported. I know the recipient organisations were thrilled with the end products.

I regularly receive courier parcels with some amazing items in them. And then of course, I don’t go to any of our Wellington, Hutt or Kapiti crafting sessions without coming home with some more donations.

I’d also like to make a special mention to the amazing 85 year old Mini from Porirua, who simply pumps out the products for us, and to the many people at my work who have been incredibly supportive of Crafty Volunteers.

It was also a real treat back in November to meet Elisabeth, a new librarian at Eltham Library in South Taranaki, who jumped on board with Crafty Volunteers, and set up a weekly craft session at the library. The team up there are already doing amazing stuff, and making a real difference in their local community.

And Tricia in Kawerau, who despite health issues, is also championing the cause, and doing a great job at getting crafters producing loads of items, particularly to be sent to Starship Hospital which is a cause Tricia is personally involved with.

Thank you – thank you – thank you!!

Just some of the donations we have received in our first year

There has also been quite a bit going on in the background, on the administrative front..We now have the amazing Anna working on all things to do with the website and the Facebook page. We are slowly building our email database (because we know many of you aren’t on Facebook). And we are holding another multi-site event on the 10th of April, which Anna does a huge amount of work for.

A couple of weeks ago, after cajoling several friends (old and new) into being involved – we registered our application to become a Charitable Trust. Hopefully this will be accepted and we will be official in a few weeks. I’m personally very delighted about this, as it means that we can continue to gain traction as an organisation, and can make tangible plan on how to grow into something really worthwhile for the whole of New Zealand.

On a sad note – one of our original committee, who came on board when we first started knitting knockers about 18 months ago, is heading home back to the UK next month. Jane – I can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve done around Wellington, and for all the suggestions and contributions you’ve made to the organisation. We will definitely miss you.

Happy First Birthday Crafty Volunteers


Each and every one of you that has contributed, has made the life of someone a little easier – and that’s huge. Be proud of yourselves! I most definitely am proud of you all…

I’m off to have a nice slice of birthday cake now, and do a bit more knitting…

Yours – with Love, Compassion and Hope


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