Crafting in public

Ok, so I admit it… I’ve been getting a little bored with knitting and crocheting Peggy Squares, and to be honest, just a little daunted at the prospect of sewing them all together…

Not to be put off, and still in a bid to use some of the yarn, I started crocheting a blanket for a boy (and I guess I’ll do one for a girl now…), which I’ve just finished this evening.

Blanket for a boy
Blanket for a boy

Because I knew I was so close to finishing, I took the blanket with me yesterday when I went to visit a friends mum in hospital. A lovely elderly lady patient in the ward, shuffled over to me, quite intrigued at what I was making. I showed her the blanket and explained that it was to be given away to a charity, but we didn’t talk for long.

What was interesting, was that after we had left, my friends mother heard her telling all of her visitors about the blanket. Clearly, seeing someone sitting crafting had an impact on her.

I’m currently reading the book “Knitting for Good” by Betsy Greer, and the passage that I read last night was about the impact you can make on people when they see you crafting… how timely was that!

A great read
A great read

The passage went on to say, that if you were to do some volunteer crafting at a rest home or retirement village, you will not only fuel great interest from many of the elderly ladies, but you would also learn a huge amount about the crafting they did when they were young, and you’d learn a number of new things (stitches, tips and tricks) in the process. You may also be able to teach them some new crafting tips. There is great satisfaction from sharing your skills, and learning more in the process.

Jane (who hosted our crafting session at Wellington Library recently) certainly encountered this, when the Librarian was good enough to make an announcement over the PA system, and several young men came to learn to knit. They were very engaged, and engaging, from what I’m told.

So next time you get a chance, why not go out an do some crafting in public, and see who starts talking to you…

Maybe you could join us at some of the regular crafting sessions we are setting up at present – more info to come…

Hope to see you at Nancy’s Stitch Studio on Thorndon Quay, on Sunday 4th between 1.00-4.00pm – where we will be sewing squares into blankets… We’ve got boxes and boxes of them, so we will be needing plenty of people to help.

Yours – with love, compassion and hope

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