Squares and Blankets starting to arrive already!

… and it’s only a couple of days in to September!

We are busy getting the last crafting sessions and hosts locked in for “the Great 10 Day Peggy Square Craft-a-thon”, and have delivered some yarn to the retirement villages that are helping out. More yarn is coming in, and that will be delivered to our hosts by early next week.

Huge, HUGE thanks to the very wonderful Anna Hobman for all of her efforts (creating the poster, contacting the libraries and the retirement villages), it’s made a massive difference – and something I couldn’t possibly have done while working a very busy job.

Fabulous blanket for some lucky girl
Fabulous blanket for some lucky girl

Talking about my job – quite a few of my colleagues have gotten involved in the project, and in the last couple of days, I have been given a fabulous blanket for a girl (the boy blanket is still being made) from the superb Jo Armstrong. And almost every day I’m receiving a few more squares from the amazing Anne Barr, many of which have gone out to some of the libraries for displays. Anne also did the deliveries to the retirement villages for us.

My good friend Diane Totton (whose amazing charitable crafting was part of the reason that eventually lead to Crafty Volunteers being created) sent me a photo of the display that she saw at Tawa Library. I was delighted to see it as I’m not able to get out to all of the various venues that are holding sessions for us.

Craftathon display at Tawa Library
Craftathon display at Tawa Library

Our awesome Regional Coordinators for Wellington and the Hutt Valley (Jane Heaton and Shirley Irvine) have both also been busy helping with promoting the events, and encouraging their networks to get along to the sessions. I’m so very much looking forward to seeing how many people show up, and meeting many fantastic crafters.

Take a look at the Craft-a-thon page on the website HERE for info about where and when the events are on. There will be some yarn provided at the events, and we will happily receive any further donations of 8 ply acrylic.

The growing piles of squares at my work
The growing piles of squares at my work

A few of our venues are charging us to use them, and as we are a cashless organisation (our currency is yarn and fabric…), we are asking that everybody chips in a gold coin donation to every event. Some of this will go towards the host for supplying refreshments, and some will come back to us for covering the venue hire. Anything surplus will go back into purchasing supplies for our financially restricted crafters.

Thanks also to our session hosts – we will be in touch in the next few days to get yarn to you. Your support with this project has been fantastic – I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming days/weeks.

All I have left to say is …. Bring it on!!!

Your – with Love, Compassion and Hope


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