“The Great 10 Day Peggy Square Craft-a-thon”

Introducing the “Great 10 Day Peggy Square Craft-a-thon”

If you follow us on Facebook HERE, you will have seen a few posts about the huge stash of Acrylic yarn that was donated to us, and that we have come up with an idea to get the community involved in making peggy square blankets for charity, to use it all up.

A couch full of 8 ply acrylic...
A couch full of 8 ply acrylic…

We have had some of our Crafty Committee here in Wellington, making lots of phone calls and liaising with people via Facebook and email, and the response has been fabulous! The result is that we are gathering more 8 ply acrylic yarn, plus loads of crafters are volunteering to host events in their areas (either at home or at a local community venue). We also have numerous Retirement Villages and Libraries in Greater Wellington joining in the fun.

Our 10 day event is from Friday the 11th to Sunday the 20th of September, and you can find details of the events schedule HERE. If you would like to host an event, please feel free to contact me by email at maggie@craftyvolunteers.org.nz and I’ll be in touch.

Are you outside of Wellington?

We are very conscious that most of the events are based primarily in the Greater Wellington region – but that’s just because it’s where we are. If you are based elsewhere in the country, we would love to have you involved, and you can do this in 2 ways:

  • Host a crafting session (or several), either at home or a community venue that you have access to – we will email you some posters to put around, and will add you to our schedule so that other people can join you – or –
  • Make up some peggy squares and send them to us – or someone in your region that’s happy to coordinate things locally (yes, this is a not so subtle nudge for volunteers…). There are some drop-off points in some locations – and we are always looking for more…

Ideally, we would love it if a few people got together in different locations around the country, so you could make a blanket or two to give to a charity in need in your local community.

The stash of Acrylic yarn that we have been given (here in Wellington) will go to the Retirement Villages, the Libraries, and some of the events that we have on our schedule – and I can see that we might quite quickly run out – so if you have some 8 ply acrylic to use up, or to donate, we would love to be able to put it to good use. Again, anything that we are offered from the other areas of the country, we will try to ensure it’s used locally, and that the end recipients will be local. As much as I love courier companies, let’s try to save everybody from that cost…

What size squares are we making and who will receive the blankets?

crocheted squaresFor those of you that want to make squares, but are either unable to attend an event, or you’d like to start crafting ahead of time – we are aiming for a uniform size, to make it easier to stitch/crochet together. Please make all squares 15cm – or multiples of 15cm. For example: 30x30cm squares, 15x45cm strips, 30x60cm strips. Anything that is in a multiple of 15cm (either in a square or a strip) will be able to be used. Different shapes and patterns will add to the interesting effect of combining crocheted and knitted squares into a lovely blanket.

Some individuals or crafting groups might like to make entire blankets – so we have several sizes that can be made, depending on the recipient.

Our target recipients for this project are:

  • Womens Refuge
  • Night Shelter
  • Give a Kid a Blanket
  • Kiwi Family Trust
  • Foster Hope

The Womens Refuge, Night Shelter, Give a Kid a Blanket, and Kiwi Family Trust will be grateful for blankets that are 90×150 cm – that will sit nicely on top of a single bed.

Kiwi Family Trust and Foster Hope will happily pass smaller blankets of 60x60cm to young children in difficult or traumatic circumstance, to use as a snuggly.

The Night Shelter will give any blankets sized 105x165cm or 105x180cm to people that are living on the street.

knitted squaresIf you are making any squares with wool (rather than acrylic), please identify that fact when you hand them in – these will be made into blankets to go to the Neonatal units, or to our friends at Little Sprouts. We don’t use acrylic for anything we donate to these organisations as the Acrylic causes static issues around the electronic equipment in the hospitals, and wool is better for temperature regulation and warmth for the little babies.

Tell your friends about our event…

Please feel free to share this information on Facebook, email the website link to your friends, talk to your work mates about it, pop copies of THIS poster up at work or in your community (it’s A4, black and white, for easy printing) – we would love to have heaps of people involved from all around the country. The more the merrier!!

Don’t under estimate the difference you can make, just by providing a few peggy squares… because together we can make a significant difference to the lives of a large number of people.

More information to come…

Please keep an eye on this blog, the website, and/or the Facebook page for more information, and additions to the events schedule. We are really looking forward to seeing just how many square/blankets we can produce.

Yours – with love, compassion and hope.


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