Crafty get together – last Friday

On Friday, we had the first ever Crafty Volunteers get together, here in Wellington.

We didn’t know how many people would show up, or quite how the evening was going to play out, so we just went with the flow. It was supposed to be a “bring your crafting” night, but turned out to be a wonderfully social evening, getting to know new people and sharing crafting tips (and no crafting was actually done…). Thank you to those who came along, and to Diane for arranging the venue.

The contributions donated to Little Sprouts
The contributions donated to Little Sprouts

The fabulous ladies from Little Sprouts (Jo and Amy) came along with one of their HUGE boxes that they provide to mums in need. It was amazing how much was in a box, all donated by companies and individuals. And we were very proud to be able to contribute some baby cardigans, booties, and a cot blanket to this incredible charity. I’m hoping to get to spend some more time with Jo and Amy in the coming weeks, and interview them for a more in depth blog about how Little Sprouts came about, and what they do.

In addition to getting to the above, we also received some wonderful contributions of knitted knockers and chemo hats, which will be delivered to the Cancer Society in the next week or so. Even though we are still a very small group, you’ve got to love the generosity here!

Knitted knockers for the Cancer Society.
Knitted knockers for the Cancer Society.

We are on the look out for venues around the Wellington region (either very low cost, or free if possible), as we are planning to have regular catch ups and crafting sessions, not only in the city, and the Hutt, but hopefully in other suburbs as well.

To help share the load, we are looking for around 6 people to help each of our Coordinators with things like running events, doing pick ups and deliveries, handing out flyers and the like. If you are in the greater Wellington area, and keen to help out, (or know people who would be interested) please email Jane ( or Shirley ( to join the committee – your assistance will be very much appreciated.

Chemo hats for the Cancer Society.
Chemo hats for the Cancer Society.

With the Wellington/Hutt groups starting to get some traction – I’ll be working with the Coordinators out in the other regions, to help them build their support team, and make the connections with the charities close to them.

Please remember to add yourself on the email list for your closest region, so we can keep you informed of events coming up, or requests for help from charities. JOIN HERE and invite your crafty friends to join up too – the more of us that are crafting, the more help we can give.

It’s an exciting time, it’s great to see the momentum building.

Thank you all for you contributions, support and generousity for the causes.

Yours – with love, compassion and hope

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