Introducing eight new Regional Coordinators

Introducing eight new Regional Coordinators

I am simply delighted to announce that we have established eight Crafty Volunteer Regions already, and I’m thrilled to introduce the wonderful ladies that have put their hands up to Coordinate in these areas.

The very talented Debbie Greenwood will be looking after things up on the Hibiscus Coast, and the delightful Tricia Frentz will be taking care of Tauranga. I’ve known these 2 awesome ladies for about 12 years. Also a very dear friend of over 25 years, Ondy Herrick, will be your liaison point in Masterton. Now I have to say that when each of these ladies take on a project, they always do an amazing job. I’m so thrilled to have them in the team.

The new Crafty Volunteers logo - loving it!!
The new Crafty Volunteers logo – loving it!!

A couple of new friends, Shirley Irvine and Jane Heaton are coordinating things in the Hutt Valley and Wellington respectively. I have gotten to know these ladies, since we started knitting knockers together about 6 months ago, and they have been a huge support in getting Crafty Volunteers going. When I told them about this crazy idea I hade, they jumped on board fully, and I’m eternally grateful.

We also have three other superb ladies who have taken the leap of faith with us, and I’m very much looking forward to getting to know them, and meeting them at some stage soon. In Hamilton we have Justine Kaye, in Wanganui we have Julie Stokes, and in Hastings we have Brenda Winchester. I love the way that Facebook connects people that you would have never normally meet otherwise.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. And thank you in advance, for all of the magic that you and your merry bands of helpers will produce in each of your regions.

Please take a look at the website – – and check out the regional pages. The contact details of these wonderful ladies has been posted, so feel free to connect with then, and spread the word in your regions. Keep an eye on the regional pages, as we will be posting Requests for Help there, as well as letting you know of the Events we will be running regionally.

My next mission (in addition to bringing more and more regions on board) is to set up an email subscription system, so we can quickly communicate our Requests for Help, and Event information – as I’m very conscious that we have a whole untapped group of crafters that aren’t on Facebook. Fingers crossed, I’ll be announcing that in a few more days.

Thank you all – each and every one of you, for your support and faith in this project. I’m truly humbled.

Yours – with love, compassion and hope

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