Recycling at work

My last couple of blogs have profiled two different types of quilts that are donated to Wellington Hospital… Well I’m excited to tell you just how much additional use those quilts get.

Sometimes the fabric for the quilts is recycled (maybe clothes or curtains that still have a bit of life in the fabric), or the fabric is off cuts and scraps from other projects that the volunteer crafter has made. So even by the time the quilts arrives at the hospital, some part of it may be recycled.

imageOnce the quilts have been laundered to the stage that they are too shabby to be used in the Neo Natal or Mental Health units, the hospital passes them on to Wellington Zoo to be used in the animal hospital there. They are used to keep the new baby animals warm, as well as keeping the sick animals comfortable. In return for the quilts, the Zoo gives the Hospital free entry passes, for children/families who are going through a difficult time with a sick family member.

Finally, once the quilt is beyond use in the animal hospital, it’s burnt in the furnace at the zoo, to provide heating for the animals that need it.

I just think this is such a wonderful way to use the resource to its absolute fullest degree. And the volunteer crafters that make these items should be very proud to be able to make a contribution that not only impacts on the babies and patients in the wards, but also family’s of sick patients in other wards, and animals at the zoo as well.

What a great story!

Yours – with love, compassion and hope


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