Product profile – Quilts for the Mental Health unit

In the last blog I showed you a few of the Neo Natal Quilts that my friend, Diane, and her quilting group makes – well here’s another quilt that they make for a different part of the hospital.

Te Whare o Matairangi (formally known as Ward 27) is the Mental Health Unit at Wellington Hospital, and it services acute patients that have become unable to be cared for in the community.

Quilt made of scrap fabric for the Mental Health Unit
Quilt made of scrap fabric for the Mental Health Unit

The quilts that go to this unit are larger than the Neo Natal Quilts, and they are used for a couple of different purposes – some are used as knee rugs in the day room; others are used as throws over the back of chairs; and some end up on the ends of beds in the patients rooms. I’m told that the most important part of these quilts, is that they are bright, colourful and cheerful, and something that is stimulating for the patients to look at.

With no restriction on the type of fabric that can be used, another great thing (from the volunteer crafters point of view) is that these quilts are made out of scraps of fabric. So to those sewers who keep all of your off cuts, knowing that they will come in handy one day, here’s your answer. Take a look at just how small some of those fabric squares are. There’s no excuse now to ever throw out another scrap of fabric. Even if you don’t quilt, you can pass those off cuts on to someone who does.

The life span of these quilts is longer than the Neo Natal quilts, but they do go thru the same commercial laundry fairly regularly, so they do tend to wear out and need replacing (certainly more quickly than your quilts at home).

In the next blog, I’m going to tell you what happens to both the Neo Natal quilts, and the quilts from the Mental Health unit, once they are starting to fray and wear…

Yours – with love, compassion and hope

One thought on “Product profile – Quilts for the Mental Health unit

  1. What size do you need. Do they need batting. What kind Can fabric be donated from non sewers

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