Guilt Free Crafting

What a wonderful phrase! I’d never heard it before… until I had lunch a couple of days ago with a lovely friend that is a hand crafter extraordinaire! Isn’t this an awesome term, and so fitting for what we are wanting to achieve with this project.

imageI know that that many crafters have loads of yarns and fabrics stashed away around their homes. The people with bigger homes will have a sewing/crafting room – that’s probably overflowing, and your stashes will be also encroaching on other bedrooms… I can see you nodding as you’re reading this. You’ll also be aware exactly when the fabric and wool shops have their sales, and are eager to go buy some more… And you probably know that your significant other might not be as excited about the prospect as you are.

Well this is your opportunity to make wonderful items with your stash, that will be used by people (and animals – yes animals!) that really need it. Some of you will be time poor, and may be happy to share your stash with others that can make up the required items. Others will seek out the items that you are happy to make, and because there is a need, you’ll be full on in production mode.

All I can say is thank you for your support – and watch this space…

We are very young yet – having gone live on Facebook only 4 days ago – and already we are gaining momentum. Two wonderful friends have offered to be regional coordinators in their areas, and the fabulous ladies that knit knockers (for mastectomy patients) with me in Wellington are meeting up next week to discuss the project.

I look forward to this journey evolving for all of us. And I look forward to seeing and hearing about your contributions to your causes. That feeling of reward, satisfaction and compassion, for having done something for somebody who is in a worse situation than you, more than balances out any guilt that you might have for those shelves and shelves of fabric and yarn.

Happy guilt-free crafting my friends…

Yours – with love, compassion and hope


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