Happy holidays

Happy holidays to you and your families. I just wanted to get a quick message out to all of the amazing crafters who have supported Crafty Volunteers during 2019, to say a huge thanks to each and every one of you.   Thank you Many of you have contributed a few items to your local … Continue reading Happy holidays

See you on Saturday!

Good morning everyone, For those of you that are Rugby World Cup fans, I hope you’re getting some good crafting time in front of the TV.   Singlets and Slippers   Thanks to all the crafters around the country who have been trying out new patterns, and making slippers and singlets, and getting them to … Continue reading See you on Saturday!

Daylight Saving has arrived

Good morning everyone,   With Daylight Saving starting this weekend, and the days getting warmer, I find that my choice of crafting starts to change. It’s always nice making a blanket in the winter as it keeps you warm while you’re making it, but as the temperatures rise I tend to make only smaller items … Continue reading Daylight Saving has arrived

“Singlets and Slippers” is coming…

Good morning, I hope you are all enjoying some nice Spring weather and are looking forward to Daylight Saving starting in a few weeks time. Over the winter months I tend to hunker down and stay indoors, and so when the days start getting longer and the temperatures start rising, I definitely feel my mood … Continue reading “Singlets and Slippers” is coming…